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 This Website “Satavahana University Computers Forum” is been launched to provide all the information related to Department of Computers like Syllabus(i.e Theory and Practical) of all the papers of Computer Science and Application, Previous Papers, sample programs in all the subjects,Articles and any Presentations(Paper and Powerpoint), Puzzles discussions on topics and a lot more. We expect a Full Collaboration of the Board of Studies Members, Senior Lecturers and   Junior Lecturers, Freshers in this field as well as Lab Assistants.

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 By expecting your full-fledged contribution of all the people of Department of Computers of SATAVAHANA UNIVERSITY Region We expect to make it as Platform for the Solutions of all the Problems of Department of Computer Science and Applications as well it Should help us said in Achieving UGCNET Lectureships and JRF’s,  APSET and Doctorates from the Karimnagar District in hundreds and thousands.