you know how to Google?
But do you do it like a pro?

Here are few simple yet very helpful search operators to help you Search Google like a pro….! 🙂

site: Search only one website site:www.sucomputersfourm

link: linked pages (Find pages that link to the su computers fourm website)

[#]…[#] or numrange: Search within a range of numberscomputers $1000…1500 (Search for plasma televisions between $1000 and $1500)

safesearch: Exclude adult-content safesearch: sex education (Search for sex education material without returning adult sites)

info: Info about a page (Find information about the sucomputersfourm website)

related: Related pages (Find websites related to the sucomputersfourm website)

intitle: Searches for strings in the title of page intitle:sucomputersfourm (Find pages with “sucomputersfourm” in the page title)

inurl: Searches for strings in the URL inurl:sucomputersfourm (Find pages with the string “sucomputersfourm” in the URL)

filetype: or ext: Searches for files with that filetype extention:ppt (Find files with the “ppt” file extension.

cache: Display the Google cache (Show the cached version of the page without performing the search)

author: Searches for the author of a author:srisri (Find all newsgroup postings with “srisri” in the author name or email address. newsgroup post Must be used with a Google Group search)

define: Various definitions of the word defineor phrase :sarcastic (Get the definition of the word sarcastic)